Work Advice: How to Handle a Call Center Bully?

Dear Ate Helen, I’m two months pregnant and my OB said that I need to rest for a month because of spotting (She said I have a high risk pregnancy). So I applied for a medical leave in the call center I work for.

When I got back, I was told that I got transferred to another team. My new TL is nice, he checks up on me once in a while to make sure if I am ok. But some of my new team mates are not. I’m not married to my boy friend, but we are both mature adults and we are happy with the baby. But it seems like because I have a “live-in” set up with my partner, well, some of the more religious agents in my new team find this wrong. I don’t really want to complain to the TL because I am new in the team and I don’t want to create any drama.

Then last week, I overheard one of the agents say something like, “Yan na ang malandi” while I was walking to my station. So I went to HR to file an IR but when this agent was confronted, she denied the whole thing. Now from time to time, nagpaparinig sya sa akin, and I know that if I report her again to HR, that she will deny everything again.

I can’t resign as I need this job to pay for my bills. My boyfriend, who works for a nearby call center, wants to talk to my TL and our HR, but I said it might make things worse. What should I do? -Pamela, Pasig BPO


Dear Pamela, congratulation on your baby! I do hope that all will be well with your delivery (Please get checkups as needed, and take your pre-natal vitamins regularly).

Now to your problem. Let’s address things point by point.

  1. I really can’t believe that there are still people in this world who still do the “parining” routine. It’s just so cowardly.
  2. Please ask your BF to not get involved. It will only make things worse, but please re-assure him that you got things under control.
  3. Here is the part where you get things under control: I’d advise you to just ignore all the things that these people say. It’s really bad for your health, and it’s bad for the baby if you take these insults to heart.
  4. But this does not mean that you will take things sitting down. Every time you hear someone disparaging you as you pass by, turn around and say that you heard what that person said, and that you are going to HR to file a complaint (do this immediately). I know that the person concerned will just deny things again, but ask you HR that you want things to be filed officially, and that there needs to be a record of your complaint. This must be done so that your HR can see a pattern of mischief with this person, which is important for when another agent will file another complaint (I have a feeling that you are just the “flavor of the month” for these bullies, and that they will move on to another target once they get tired of you).

Good luck and please maintain a positive attitude all the time! Please trust that the call center where you work for has a responsible HR team who will help you deal with this problem, that there is a process for making sure that the call center is a safe environment to work for. –Ate H.


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