Thomas Regala, Call Center Agent, Hugot Card Game Creator!

Thomas Regala works for a call center along Boni Avenue, he is also crazy about table top games!

Thomas started creating games in 2014. Back then, he would lug around a box of cards which he treated as his portable laboratory.

Thomas Regala, Game Developer, The Epic Gaming Regiment:


“I feel very blessed to have workmates who understand my needs. Hugot was tested on them. All my other games went through them one way or another… I’m really happy because my workmates are family.”

Designing Games the Japanese Way!

According to Thomas, he drew inspiration from the card game “Love Letter”, created by Seiji Kanai, which involved four players and just 16 cards. Love Letter he says, is very casual, micro, and very light – a filler game to be played during breaks.

A Broken Heart, the Mother of Invention!

In 2015, Thomas and a friend, Olivia, found themselves at the tail end of their relationships. Hearts were broken. To cope, Olivia posted a lot of “hugot posts”, which triggered Thomas to start developing his Hugot Card game by the following year.

People initially dissuaded him from publishing at small quantities, as it would cost more, but Thomas went on and had 30 sets created.

By 2017, Thomas’s group, The Epic Gaming Regiment, went into a deal with Ludus Distributors to mass-produce the game, which was followed by an expansion pack, “Hugot Pa More”.

New Games in the Woodwork!

Currently, Thomas is working on other games.

Thomas Regala, Game Developer, The Epic Gaming Regiment:


“Nowadays, I make microgames, games that you can play with the minimum amount of items. The reason I’m making small games is that I realize that the Filipino market is open but they’re not yet ready for the normal prices of board games.”

Thomas aims to develop and nurture local board game development and design. He wants to arrive at a situation where, if someone wants to have a board game produced, the resources needed would be readily available (printers, designers, and publishers).

Thomas Regala, Game Developer, The Epic Gaming Regiment:


“Other game designers plan to make The Big One. Even I want to make The Big One. But, you don’t get to The Big One right away, you have to level it up, scale it up.”

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(Images borrowed from The Epic Gaming Regiment’s Instagram account)