Telus and Teleperformancs Strive to Become Better Call Centers!

[] Teleperformance Philippines has recently signed and adopted the United Nations LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) Standards for Business.

Teleperformance, in an official statement, declared that the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights also applies to the rights of the LGBTI segment. The BPO further stated that its policies and programs are consistent and aligned with the five pillars of the standards, which are reflected in its corporate policies, namely:

  • The Code of Conduct and Good Behavior
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  • Promotions and Transfer Policy
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Family Welfare Program Policy
  • Special Leave Benefit for Women Policy
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Whistle-blower Policy
  • HIV in the Workplace Policy
  • Inclusive Restroom Access Policy
  • Inclusive HMO Coverage

Teleperformance maintains an active Ethics Committee that directly addresses sensitive issues as they occur. The BPO also has a Diversity and Inclusion Committee that:

  • Organizes year-round forums to encourage in-depth discussions of issues that are important to the office LGBT community
  • Creates materials promoting sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (SOGIE), which are distributed over social media

Jeffrey Johnson, Human Capital Resource Group, Teleperformance Philippines


“Diversity and inclusion are issues that are important to our company and our people. In expressing our support to the standards, we hope to actively contribute in creating a world that is just and respectful of people with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Telus and the Pursuit of Education!

Telus International Philippines (TIP) actively encourages its employees to act on their curiosity through the Telus International University.

Telus has provided various programs that aim to continuously train and educate its workforce, which include degree courses, linguistic programs (including Japanese, French, and Mandarin, among others), and short courses on a variety of interests such as fashion design, performing arts, Information Technology, and culinary arts (in some instances, these courses are even open to employee friends and family).

Frederick Estacio, Telus Learning and Development


“We put a premium value on work-life integration at Telus International Philippines. The caring culture that we foster and cultivate helps us become better in what we do, and an important part of that is creating a work environment that is conducive to continuous learning… We always look for various and equal opportunities for our team members to maximize their potential both personally and professionally.”

Coffee Anyone?

One of the more popular short courses in Telus involves coffee barista training, in partnership with the Center for Culinary Arts, Manila.

Frederick Estacio, Telus


“Coffee has become an important element to jump-start our day, or for most of us working in the BPO industry, our nights too… Knowing the craft behind brewing good coffee not just elevates the coffee drinking experience for our team members, but even presents a possible livelihood opportunity for team members who are looking for entrepreneurial pursuits.”

The training sessions are held in the Center for Culinary Arts Kitchen, Farmers Market, Cubao.