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Where to go for Help in the World Wide Web!

Being a BPO employee means having to deal with a lot of problems unique to the industry. The good thing is that all you need to have is a decent internet connection, a smartphone/tablet (or laptop), and your set to access all the resources you need to guide you on your way! :o)

Facebook Pages!

There are a lot of FB pages that a BPO/call center employee can go to – but most are of poor quality (you will see this in the posts, and the quality of responses to posts). Below are the cream of the crop.

Call Center Philippines. The guy running this page, M.A. Buendia, is a champ. He’s been keeping things rocking since 2010 – and to date, he’s been churning out very very informative posts and videos that every call center employee must read/watch. The meme collection of this page is decent, posts show the day to day struggles of agents: from getting the will power to wake up to get to work, to real world problems such as overtime pay issues, account closures, and unfair labor practices. Call Center Philippines – doesn’t matter if you are a freshman entering the wild wild world of this industry, or if you are a veteran, go here to see the world of call centers!

The Call Center Show. This defunct FB page had a podcast as its backbone (there are videos too), its bittersweet slogan, #BAYANINGPUYAT, is quite inspiring. If you have the time, the show is still accessible for listening. Fair warning though, the content is very in-your-face and has OPM rock for its background music, and sometimes – it show can get entertainingly raunchy (the kulangot vs. muta episode is one for the books). The talents behind The Call Center Show are JM Cruz, Dyna Cee, Joms Fontanilla, and Angel Rhayne – hopefully they get back on the saddle one day. If you are a CSR veteran, please give these guys a listen (or kung mabilis Internet mo – watch their videos!).

BPO Confessions. This page has a very vibrant community of call center agents. Post (or PM the admins) a problem or a question, and expect your fellow CSR’s to chime in and give you their opinion (and mind you – some of the responses are very level headed and credible). If you have something on your mind, post it here to get more guidance. Note though that there are a lot of “call center confession” type pages on FB. You can judge if they are worth your time.

Taga Call Center Ako. This FB page tackles the more human side of the BPO industry. The page is named after a book of the same title, and is run by the author, McRhonie Tomandao. If you are looking for a place to find likeminded CSR’s, if you want to read on relatable experiences, then look no further.


Unfortunately – blogs run by call center agents tend to have posts that are few and far between, but we really have to admit – it takes a lot of guts to put up a blog, pour your heart on the keyboard, and post something for the world to see.

Call Center Survival. If you are a fan of lists – then this is the blog for you! Go through its posts and get all the tips you need to make life in your call center a little less stressful!

Diary of a Call Center Guy. This defunct blog was founded way back in 2010, and the posts are very well written, and are full of sincerity and raw grit. If you want to read stuff that deals on the deeper meaning of life in these call centers, then click on over.

Call Center Purgatory. If you want to see the darker side of working for a BPO, then this is the place for you. The struggle starts in 2004, and grinds its way to 2011. If you read the posts chronologically – you can ride on the experiences of the writer, and you get to see a picture of the BPO industry through the eyes of an optimistically jaded soul. We just hope that Blogspot does not put this site down – as the posts cover a lot of issues and learning’s gained from the trenches.

Buhay Call Center. Another defunct blog that we really wish was still alive; the posts and the humor is very uniquely Pinoy, and it all spins up to the daily struggles of a call center agent that the upper management of a BPO will never see. Read the comic strips, read the posts, and see yourself relaxing with a smile on your face.

Organizations or Groups!

The groups and organizations below are good sources of information (in case you are doing a study/thesis). They can also serve as a good resource for a foreign corporation planning to set up shop locally.

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines

Address: Shops 3, 4, 5, The Peninsula Manila, Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
Phone: 843-0603

The IT and Business Process Association – Philippines

Address: 5th Floor, C2 Building Bonifacio High Street, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Phone: 817-2727

The Global In-house Center Council of the Philippines

Address: 5th Floor, C2 Building Bonifacio High Street, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (Yes, they have the same address as that of IBPAP. It’s not a typo)
Phone: 631-1736

The Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines

Address: IBPAP Office, C2 Building, Bonifacio Highstreet Central, 28th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (Again, it’s not a typo)
Phone: 8172727 (local 117)

Philippine Software Industry Association

Address: IBPAP Office, C2 Building, Bonifacio Highstreet Central, 28th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig (Still not a typo)
Phone: 817-2727 (local 109)

BPO Workers Association of the Philippines

Address: Suite 1704 Sunset View Towers, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
Phone: 551-2848


Below are the relevant government bodies that are directly involved with the business process outsource industry.

Philippine Economic Zone Authority – This is the one government body directly responsible for growing the local BPO industry. PEZA accredits business/industrial parks, and buildings which, if a BPO sets up shop in these locations, will enjoy tax incentives plus other economic freebies. Yay!

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) – The bad thing about a blooming business process outsource industry is that lots of smaller call centers have sprouted which have, from time to time, violated local labor laws. DOLE serves as the protective recourse of CSR’s.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – We are not sure… how the DOST helps… We will do more research on this one. SCIENCE YO!

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) – To this day, it is the OFW’s who have kept the Philippine economy afloat, and again, another human resource comes to save the day: call center agents. NEDA makes sure that the Philippine BPO industry gets the right support it needs to grow – it also tracks the progress and contribution of BPO’s to the economy.

BPO Labor Groups!

pushAUX.comThe BPO Industry Employees’ Network (BIEN) is one of the very few labor groups that actually matter. Members consist of likeminded BPO employees that have come together to discuss and act on issues that cover the rights and welfare of BPO workers.

Address: 1180 Chino Roces Ave. San Antonio Village Makati City Philippines (Open daily, 9AM-6PM)

pushAUX.comThe Inter Call Center Association of Workers (ICCAW) is a more aggressive BPO labor group that focuses more on CSR rights and the struggle to protect it.



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Here are the things you can find in this wonderful site of ours:

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Microwaved – All about food, but under the gastronomical perspective of a BPO employee.

pushAUX Originals – These articles from our resident and freelance writers tackle the many many unique facets of living and breathing the call center life. At all times we try to apply a positive perspective on things, though sometimes it just can’t be helped (to this day, we still can’t find a correct approach to handling hot line callers who are downright evil).

R U Not Entertained – We’re still struggling to fill this category up. The vision is to have posts that cover movie/book/concert reviews. Help.

The CSR Commuter – Were pretty sure that 99% of all BPO employees use public transportation to go to and from work, and so we made a section covering this daily activity. The goal is to keep all you guys safe by arming you with tips and tricks on how to be defensive commuters.

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