Pinoy CSR Work Advice: Do I need to pay the training bond?

Hi Ate Helen, I have a quick question. I went on AWOL, and now the call center where I used to work for is asking me to pay for a training bond. I really didn’t stay long, I only went to work for two days, and I never even got my first salary pay with them. – Camille, Bacolod


Hi Camille, did you sign the training bond? If not, then you don’t have a problem. Just say that you didn’t sign anything about the bond and this will be the end of it (but if the training bond is part of the employment contract that you signed, then you might be in trouble).

If you did sign something related to a training bond, then read it carefully (you should have a copy of this contract, if not, ask for a copy from your employer).

When you read the training bond contract, does it say anything about going AWOL only after two days of training, and if this means that you need to pay the bond? Please have a friend help you out here – or maybe if you know a lawyer, then ask for help understanding the contract. You’ll know what to do next once you figure out things – side note though, there are some BPO’s that don’t really chase after the bond, as it takes more effort to collect this money than the actual value of the bond. ;0)

Please clarify this line from your email, I am not sure I follow what you are trying to say: “Nacomplete ko na yung requirements. Nagpasa ako nung 1905 for TIN. Tingin nyo po ba nakafile na po yung TIN number ko sa kanila? May existing na akong TIN number? Pano ko po yun makukuha?”

Anyway, good luck! Ate H.


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