Pinoy CSR Advice: What Should You Do When The Call Center Management Goes from Good to Bad?

Dear Ate Helen, I’m thinking of leaving the call center I am currently working for. I’ve been here for two years already, but around three months ago, the management hired some new managers who were not that good and things are getting really bad here (our staffing problems increased, and there are times when approved planned leaves get revoked). Most of the good TL’s and agents have already left. Should I do the same? -Reynaldo, Makati BPO


Dear Reynaldo, yes, please leave, but only if you already have a new job to go to. So please start applying. Then leave as soon as you can. The fact that the good TL’s and the good agents are no longer there means that there is a chance that your current call center will soon loose accounts leading to layoffs or worse, to closure. :0(

I work in HR, and admittedly, it’s very hard to find good people for middle management; talented managers are usually very valued by their respective BPO’s which makes pirating very hard to do (and very expensive).

I’m guessing that the reason your call center hired new managers is because you guys found new accounts, but with the good TL’s and agents gone, with bad managers left behind, expect your quality to go down which will only lead to bad things.

If you choose to leave, good luck with your job hunting. –Ate H.


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