Pinoy Call Center Work Advice: Should a CSR be shy to get his back-pay even if he went on AWOL?

Hello Ate Helen, I hope you are doing great! I wrote you letter because I need advice regarding my previous employer. I filed for immediate resignation last month, I told my manager and TL that I needed to go to province for important matters. They refused to accept my resignation and asked me to render 30 days of service as per company policy. I really don’t want to stay anymore because my TL and I are not in good terms (This is the real reason of why I left the company even though I love everything about my job). So I went on AWOL.

Now, I received a letter from HR, asking me to process my clearance so I can get my final pay. I’m ashamed to process my clearance with my TL because we are not in good terms when I left the company, but I want to get the back pay since it is quite high. -Please help! Dina, Caloocan


Hello Dina, no employer can ever stop an employee from resigning. All you need to do is declare your intention to resign, and have them acknowledge it (traditionally, you print out your resignation letter, and have them sign on it as proof that your intention was “received” – but these days, you can simply send an email and an SMS, and be sure that you have proof that you sent these by keeping them in the sent items of your account/phone).

And yes, when you want to resign, try to send your resignation letter to all the people who need to be aware of it: your TL, the manager of your account, and your HR partner.

Secondly, in your next work, if you encounter TL issues again, then talk to your HR and have yourself transferred to another group. One of the main reasons for an agent leaving a call center is because of TL problems, which should be easily fixed.

Please don’t be ashamed of processing your clearance. That back pay you will get is money you earned, and you have every right to it, plus, you will need to be fully cleared so that when you apply for your next job, you will have no problems when they contact your old employer. Fair warning though – some BPO’s have a policy where if you don’t render 15/30 days before resigning, well, they deduct the value of these days from your last pay. Good luck! -Ate H.


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