Pinoy Call Center Work Advice: Getting Very Sick and Going Back to Work!

Hi Ate Helen, I just need some advice po. Here’s what happened, last February, I had some medical issues, and so I went on sick leave. Unfortunately, I used up all my SL credits so my succeeding absences became unpaid. During this time, I would always go to the hospital for checkups, and when I do go to work, there are times when the call center doctor had to send me home due to medical reasons. A month later, I finally got well, and when I went to work, my manager gave me an NTE (pushAUX: “Notice to Explain”). I was tagged as AWOL.

I’m confused – should I have been tagged as AWOL? Every time I went absent, I would notify my manager, I even sent medical certificates to our company clinic as proof of my condition.

I asked our HR about it and they said that I shouldn’t be tagged as AWOL, but as “SL without pay”.

But our Employee Relations Manager said that I should be tagged as AWOL since I was no longer on official leave because I already ran out of leave credits.

Please help me, what should I do? I know that they will send me AWOL papers for me to sign soon. Is this fair? Thank you! – Jill, Baguio


Hello Jill, it seems that you are getting conflicting advice from the management:

  • Your HR is saying it should be Sick Leave Without Pay
  • Your Employee Relations Manager is saying its AWOL

Don’t sign anything until you HR and Employee Relations Manager get their acts together and agree on what the situation is – and once they agree, then ask for a formal email from them to formalize things. This documentation is very important as it will serve as your official evidence in case some labor laws become violated.

When you went on these medical leaves, did you inform your TL/manager ALL THE TIME? Did you text or email or call? If the answer is YES, then it will be hard for your employer to claim that you went on AWOL (Going on AWOL means absolutely not telling your direct manager that you won’t be coming in – just make sure that you have all the proof to support your claims that you did). Also, please keep your med certificates ready, these documents may be needed eventually when you defend your case. Good luck and I hope you get well and may you always have good health. 🙂 -Ate H.


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