Pinoy Call Center Work Advice – Can a CSR with an AWOL Record Apply Back?

Dear Ate Helen, I was wondering if could go back to the call center where I went on AWOL, and re-apply for a job. I worked for a voice based account, and stopped going to work after six months. Now I heard that they are hiring for non-voice positions, and I was thinking of going back. Will they file a case against me because I went on AWOL, or should I just forget about going back and just find work somewhere else? Hope to hear from you soon! thanks. –Vito, Bulacan


Hi Vito, I was just talking about this with a friend from another call center, and he told me about a very similar case. One employee from a year ago went on AWOL, then this same employee applied back to the call center, but with a different name and she got hired (It’s like instead of writing “Maria Juana Delacruz”, she just gave a ” Juana Delacruz”). But she got discovered eventually, after a few weeks, and she was promptly terminated.

AWOL is a very serious offense for a call center, and it is the one reason why there is a prevailing negative opinion on the general reliability of Philippine call center agents.

In your case, best you can do is be honest and just ask your employer if they are willing to hire you back. Apologize and give them a very good reason why you went on AWOL (from your letter, it seems that you don’t enjoy voice based work, that you prefer non-voice. I’m also under the impression that you want to go back because the call center you used to work for was professionally run or is a good place to work in). Note that big call centers may say “no” as you may already be in their blacklist.

And Vito, lastly, if you signed a bond and went on AWOL, then it might be best if you just find work elsewhere and not go back at all. Good luck! Ate H.


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