Pinoy Call Center Agent Work Advice: Immediate Resignations!

Dear Ate H., I would like to ask for some advice po.

I’m an ex-agent from a contact center where I only stayed for a month because I was not happy with the work and it looked like there was no growth for me. I also left because of personal reasons.

So I passed a resignation letter, but they wanted me to render 30 days before I resign, which is based on call center policy. So I went on AWOL, and talked to my supervisor that I will accept an NCNS “verdict” (pushAUX: “No Call-No Show”).

Now I’m planning to apply for another call center job, it’s for a position that I am very excited about. I want to ask if how I will handle my AWOL or how I will inform them about my AWOL history. I know that when I apply with a new company, that they will discover my AWOL, though my friends said that they won’t know. I need some help on this. What should I do. – Virgie, Batangas


Dear Virgie, first, no employer can ever stop an employee from resigning. All you need to do is declare your intention to resign, and have them acknowledge it. Traditionally, you print out your resignation letter, and have them sign on it as proof that they have “received” your intention to leave. But these days, you can simply send an email and an SMS, and be sure that you have proof that you sent these by keeping them in the sent items of your account/phone.

Secondly, GO FOR IT! Just apply for another job, and just be honest about your AWOL and give them a very good reason why you did this. I personally know a lot of call centers that don’t mind hiring those with AWOL history, as long as the person applying is a good agent, so please, you need to impress people when you go on interview.

You may also just not include your stay in the last company in your resume – and if you get discovered, just say that you don’t consider your stay there as part of your professional history as you did not stay long (one month only). Good luck, and please never ever ever go on AWOL again. 🙂 Ate H.


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