Pinoy Call Center Advice: Training Prioritization for Newly Hired Agents!

Dear Ate Helen, hello po! I just want to check if the current practice of our BPO makes sense. I’ve noticed that our account heads prioritize the training of the newly hired agents, and when it comes to upskilling they put the new hires first in line versus the other TSR’s who are already veterans. It just feels unfair to us who have been with the call center longer. Thank you in advance Ate Helen, we just want to know your opinion on this. -Charo, Pasig BPO


Dear Charo, what you described seems a bit odd. The more normal route is to upskill the current workforce who have a longer tenure versus those that are newly hired. You may need to ask more questions from people to get to the bottom of things.

For example, what kind of training is given to the new hires? Is it related to a new account? Do these fresh hires have different roles versus what you currently do?

How about your fellow TSR veterans? Are you guys being asked to focus on a legacy system, and once a new one has been acquired, then you will be given the right training?

I suggest you ask you manager (your TL may not be able to answer your questions). There may be a long term plan that has not been cascaded down to the workforce yet. But please, when you ask, please be very respectful and just say that you are just concerned about your future. Good luck! –Ate H.


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