Pinoy BPO Event: Awareness Fair in SMX Aura on November 5, 2018!

Mark your calendars!

[] Next week, on November 05, 2018, Monday, the first “BPO Industry Awareness Fair” will be held in SMX Aura.

The event aims to attract students, parents, members of the academe, even job seekers, for a very critical discussion on how the Philippine BPO industry is going to respond to disruptive technologies, and how upskilling workers will be key in maintaining jobs.

Build Your Career Here!

The end game of the awareness fair is to attract talented Filipinos who can work side by side with new and emerging BPO technologies. Opportunities in the IT business process management (IT-BPM) sector will also be covered.

Upskill or die!

In the past few years, Philippine BPO’s have been steadily adapting to automated systems for repetitive/clerical work which has led to an industry wide re-training/upskilling campaign.

If you are currently working for a BPO, or is you are thinking of switching careers, then this the place to go to get more insights! See you guys there!