Philippines Cities Emerge as Top BPO Destinations in the 2018 Tholons Services Globalization Index!

[] According to the 2018 Tholons Services Globalization Index (TSGI), six Philippine cities are considered as a top BPO destination of the world:

  • Manila (2nd Place)
  • Cebu City (11th)
  • Davao City (75th)
  • Sta. Rosa, Laguna (87th)
  • Bacolod (89th)
  • Iloilo City (92nd)

Note that Manila has regained its 2nd position from when it slipped to 4th place back in 2017. Iloilo City completely got dropped from the list in 2017 after claiming the 90th spot in 2016, now the comeback kid is at the 92nd spot, with a BPO workforce of around 21,000 Ilonggos. Cebu, for its part, came in at the 12th spot last year, and is one position away from the mythical top 10 for this year.

Tholons Report


“The Philippines has been the undisputed leader in customer service (and) BPOs, (being) home to several major multinational corporations… The city of Manila has become the focus of operations for various industries and has long challenged Bangalore, Mumbai and taken the lead in business process management.”

All About Tholons!

Tholons is a strategic advisory firm for global outsourcing and investments. In the 2018 Services Globalization Index, Tholons considered innovation, workforce & skills, infrastructure & cost, risk & quality of life, and business catalysts, as the primary criteria for the research.


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