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pushAUX About UsTwo to Tango, One Million to Party!

Yes – pushAUX is managed by just two guys. And yes, we might as well admit it this early in the game – we don’t work for a BPO. This may make you ask: then why on Earth did they choose to run a site focusing on our call center sub culture? Well, here’s the thing. Alwell and Maoi have known each other for more than 15 years, and from then and now, they have in between them, around 20 friends that are employed by BPO’s: from agents, to TL’s, to QA’s, to Finance Directors and VP’s, to the H.R. guy in charge of firing people. You, us, we are now at the one-degree-of-separation point. Everyone knows someone who is working for a call center. We are now immersed to a wide spectrum of people tied to a sunrise industry: they are techno-savvy, they are powered by caffeine and sugar, they love to party hard, and we at pushAUX would like to be a part of this slow burn revolution.

There are two of us, and more or less, one million of you guys. Let’s rock.

I.P. Freely… and Responsibly!

We put a lot of effort in maintaining this site.

Licenses for web software, bandwidth, tech development, article research, writing and proofing, image creatives… figuring out how to use Facebook and Twitter – the things we do are a product of love, and of considerable labor. We humbly ask that, if you should like to share our content on social media, to please credit pushAUX as the source so we may get more traffic. Remember, in the end, advertising will help us pay the bills. :o)

Also note that all articles here are the intellectual property of pushAUX. Corporations and bloggers are not allowed to use, modify, sell, derive, reproduce, or distribute our content with no prior consent; but if you want to, please send us an email so we can partner up. Don’t worry. We are very easy to deal with.

The Internet, ‘tis a Silly Place!

The Internet is vast, and we may use content that is hard to attribute to the original owner. If we manage to use your stuff, please say so and we will credit you officially.

A Disclaimer

pushAUX will offer you a lot of things: night commuting tips, how to prepare snacks, business ideas, work advice. You however, will need to take everything here with a grain of salt: you choose how to commute, you decide if you want to become an entrepreneur, you choose to follow our work advice. We write in good faith, you dear reader, are given the responsibility to discern and to decide.

Essentially, if we give you a recipe for cooking a Mexican snack at the pantry, and the beans give you explosive diarrhea, please don’t cry foul against us – instead, lets blame the Mexicans… just joking. But really, you are the master of your life, so.

We Need Help!

Oh and yeah. We are looking for freelancers for this brave endeavor. We need contributors for articles, photos, we need artists/cartoonists. And yes – were struggling a bit in terms of costs, so we can’t really offer much in terms of compensation. But if you’re still interested, drop us an email and let’s see what we can cook (please excuse the delayed replies though).

Here is our email address: pushaux@gmail.com

You can also find us here – Twitter @pushaux / FB page: pushAUX