News: Tired of commuting? Check out CrewBloom for work from Home BPO jobs!

Yes, they all say the same thing. Work from home BPO work does not pay well, but what if it did? :0)

CrewBloom is a two-year-old company that promises earnings that are higher than the local industry average for work at home gigs. CrewBloom, co-founded by Brianna Carney and Kate Ringcodan, boasts of a secret recipe of connecting their U.S. clients to Philippine CSR’s/professionals minus the cost of maintaining a central facility, which provides for lesser operational costs and higher pay!

Kate Ringcodan/CrewBloom


“What makes (CrewBloom) different from other outsourcing companies is that first, we are home-based. There is no need to commute so it saves you time. You could be with your family. Second is the pay. We provide better wages for our people. Third is the quality of talent. We don’t just accept anyone. We have the best people. For us to support that, we need to be super strict with the screening process. Fourth, we want long-term partnerships with our clients… All are home-based. We started and built the company by operating remotely. We use tools and applications to monitor how our employees work.”

Kate has a degree in Biology from the University of the Philippines… Yes, this fun fact is a bit out of place, but hey.

Show me the money!

Home based BPO professionals under CrewBloom earn 50% or higher than the industry average, and this is on top of the commissions given for sales driven work.

Locally, CrewBloom maintains a team of 15, and 30 other employees situated in different Philippine cities. The company is currently on expansion mode to address the needs of its customers.

It all started at Craigslist

Yes, Craigslist has a role to play here.

Kate met Brianna Carney through Craigslist way back in 2014 when the later posted an ad.

Brianna, ex employee, traveler, international marathoner, Craigslist lurker, born and bred in Minnesota – working in Brooklyn, was impressed by the English proficiency and the competitive labor cost in the Philippines.

Brianna Carney/CrewBloom


“In New York City, they (BPO workers) are very costly. I put an ad on CraigsList and met Kate, my co-founder. She single-handedly proved my hypothesis that there are incredibly sophisticated, instinctual, innovative professionals that work relentlessly in markets far less expensive than the US. We’ve been working together ever since… I quickly learned the impact the BPO industry had, in particular in India and the Philippines. During my time in Manila, I met arguably the most capable professionals I had ever met who spoke better English than I did. It was this trip that helped CrewBloom take flight.”

Kate became in charge of hiring in the Philippines, and client relations in the U.S. Note that against all odds, CrewBloom was established without tapping any investors.

Kate Ringcodan/Biologist/CrewBloom


“We have around 12 clients who are happy with our services. Our clients are mostly SME’s. But we have recently closed an account with around 700 employees.”

CrewBloom, the new kid on the block

CrewBloom has work for salespeople, customer service, and non-voice roles.

Brianna Carney/Craigslister/CrewBloom


“We work in industries from pharma to fintech, education to marketing. The common denominator between all of our clients is that they have a proven, replicable formula. They know what works and what doesn’t and they need top caliber professionals to scale.”

Brianna has pointed out that people don’t want commuting to work in an uncomfortable environment (i.e. the roads of the Philippines).

Only the best!

Brianna Carney/Craigslister/CrewBloom


“CrewBloom finds the top 2 percent of professionals, allows them to work remotely and connects them with companies they love working for…”

CrewBloom is highly selective with the people it hires unlike traditional call centers that hire in the hundreds.

Brianna Carney/Craigslister/CrewBloom


“Our excitement for the future cannot be measured. We believe the remote model and global workforce will be leveraged at greater scale with the help of CrewBloom. We have aggressive plans for growth in front of us and are excited to exceed our goals…”

Well, if you have what it takes to be a CrewBloomer, then time to prepare your resume and take a shot. Really, the opportunity to avoid the traffic in Manila will be worth it!


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