News: P13M for the safety of Cebu BPO workers!

[] It’s an expensive and ambitious plan, but the question is: will it work?

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña is looking at spending P13M to provide free bus rides, and for the procurement of dashcams for jeeps, all to ensure the safety of BPO workers in the city.

Rolando Malacora, Department of General Services


“We will be installing dashcams that can capture videos in a 360-degree view.”

P5M of the budget will go to as much as 1,000 dashcams, to be installed on public utility jeepneys (PUJs) that have routes that go through IT-BPO zones.

Tomas Osmeña, Cebu City Mayor


“There will also be widespread installation of CCTV cameras in the streets to act as a deterrent to potential crime and to monitor and respond to any incidents that occur.”

Another P8M will be allocated for the purchase of a new bus which will supplement the two that are currently servicing the Barangay Talamban-Cebu Business Park route. These free rides run from 6-8 in the morning, with each bus ferrying as much as 50 BPO workers per trip with plans to expand to night operations.

These free bus rides are a response to the death of call center agent, Lorraine Temple, who was killed last October 03, during a holdup.