News: Concentrix Opens New Call Center in QC!

Concentrix Philippines has opened a new contact center at the EXXA Tower, Quezon City, amidst the threat of artificial intelligence eating up the demand for live agents.

Elek Christopher Toth, Concentrix Country Leader, has credited the improving infrastructure and a well-educated workforce as the two key reasons as to why the Philippines is a leading destination for BPO operations.

Elek Christopher Toth/Concentrix


“We’re very bullish on the Philippines. We think it’s a pre-eminent destination for business… We see ever improving infrastructure, which is really important, and I think the K-12 initiative will go ahead and prepare students for when they enter the workforce.”

A Work Friendly Place!

The EXXA Tower site is the second Concentrix facility in the Bridgetowne area. The new offices cover 18,000 square meters of space. Provisions were made for comfortable meeting rooms, private acoustic spaces, and a mobile laboratory complete with learning pods. Agents will appreciate the wellness center, the shower rooms, vanity areas, and the… salon. Yes, a beauty salon. The floor layout represents a conscious effort of the management to move away from the old-fashioned “cubicle office” set up to the more open, collaborative workstation approach.

Elek Christopher Toth/Concentrix


“This is the physical manifestation of our culture, and our fanaticism for our clients and our staff. It’s our commitment to surround them with a world-class facility, while they provide world-class services.”

Concentrix in a Nutshell!

Concentrix has other facilities in Metro Manila, and in Naga, Cagayan De Oro, Davao, and Cebu. This BPO has a total to 110,000 employees worldwide, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation.

If you live near the Bridgetowne QC area, then now might be a good time to check your options!