News: Call Center Agents, Are You Ready for a Four Day Work Week?

Imagine experiencing a long weekend, every week? :0)

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has expressed its support for House Bill 6152, or the 4-day workweek proposal.

Silvestre Bello III, DOLE Secretary


“We had a meeting, the senior officials, yesterday, and we came up with a consensus. We are inclined to favor the proposed bill… There were already department orders (issued) before, allowing (flexible time) for work, so we are adapting the same position. But it is still dependent on what the labor and management (sectors)…”

HB 6152 was approved on its 3rd and final reading in the House of Representatives last August. The Senate however, tackled its own version of the proposed law last month.

Teleperformance weighs in!

Teleperformance Philippines has openly embraced the four-day work week plan, in fact, this BPO already has in place “flexible work arrangements.”

Jeffrey Johnson, Teleperformance Philippines, SVP for Human Capital


“Currently, we have now flexible work arrangements. We have some employees that are working on four days a week, 12-hour shift, and that’s of course depending upon their availability.”

Jeffrey Johnson adds that some of their employees actually prefer a four-day work week due to the traffic and commuting situation in the capital.

Jeffrey Johnson, Teleperformance


“For the industry, it really depends on our clients, and we’re looking at our clients’ need. So obviously, we will respond what our clients need. Sometimes, clients would have certain days of the week, they have less call volume. It can help us – we can adjust to that.”

It’s just like overtime all the time!

(PushAUX: Quotes below sourced from the Philippine News Agency)

Geraldine Donato, seven year BPO veteran


“Personally, a four-day work week is better since expenses for fare and food would be lesser. With the hassle in commuting — traffic congestion and poor public transport system — workers will welcome this legislation.”

As per Geraldine, the additional two-hours needed per work day to support the shortened workweek could just be viewed as overtime work.

Patrick Legaspi, BPO veteran for 10+ years


“Extending work hours during the four days of their work week is something that can’t be felt. Instead being caught in the heavy traffic during rush hours, employees can work on these extra hours to earn additional money… This scheme can also lessen employees using up their leaves because this time they have three days out of work in a week.”

We here at pushAUX totally support the four-day work week initiative. But we do need to ensure that the same (or adjusted) benefits and pay are awarded to BPO employees who participate in this program – absolutely no short changing must be done on the part of the BPO worker.