News: BPO Investors Jumpy Over Philippine Security Situation!

According to the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), security related incidents in Marawi City and Resorts World Manila have come up as topics of concern with investors that reach out to the BPO umbrella group.

Rey Untal, IBPAP President/CEO


“These security incidents, while unfortunate, are not very healthy. I hope we can get over that quickly so we can go back to doing business and that noise would be gone.”

IBPAP stressed that the industry experienced slower investment inflow in Q1 of this year – the primary cause of which was the recently quashed threat of the removal of BPO tax perks in the Duterte administrations tax reform initiative.

Philippine Statistics Authority, Bringer of Bad News!

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Q1 2017 saw the total IT-BPM pledges (in seven investment-promotion agencies, PEZA et. al.) shrink by 34% to P4.18B versus the same period in 2016.

Again, this is caused by the recently quashed threat of the removal of BPO tax perks by the administrations tax reform initiative. But according to IBPAP, an extension of the cause of all this loss can also be rooted to President Rodrigo D’s anti-western rhetoric in 2016.

But all is not lost – bouncing back is the name of the game!

Rey Untal, IBPAP President/CEO


“Over the past quarter or so, when I interact with people coming here, there is better confidence. The tide is changing, but then the security incidents happened… In the meantime, we are also partnering with local government units, especially in locations in Mindanao where we have member organizations working. The good news is until now, for them, it’s business as usual.”


pushAUX: To the agents working down south, keep safe. Always be mindful of the employee SMS/email advisories of your call center, keep updated with the security situation in your area through the news.