Learn Call Center Terms: “Dynamic Answer”

Basically, this is a feature that allows a call center to manually or automatically reconfigure the number of rings before the system “answers” a call for a CSR to respond to. The “Dynamic Answer” capability of an “Automatic Call Distributor” system will mostly be set to adapt to the queue: the longer the queue the more rings will be allowed to happen before a customer is routed to an agent.

Talk the Talk!

Yhen: “Ano kaya settings ng Dynamic Answer natin?”

Yolly: “Weh”

Yhen: “Ako kasi naghihintay ako ng dalawang ring bago ko sagutin ang cell phone ko.”

Yolly: “Hmmm. Ganun din kame sa bahay. Tanungin mo nga si TL, na-curious tuloy ako.”