Join the First BPO Gay Pageant of the Philippines!

One crown, one queen, are you in?

Join the first ever BPO Gay Pageant of the Philippines! Open to all gay and transsexual BPO employees, with the following qualifications:

  • Must be 18 to 30 years old
  • Single
  • At least 5’5 tall
  • Must have a pleasing personality
  • And must have at least six months tenure with a BPO on the date of the coronation night

If you fit the criteria above, and you have the beauty and the brains needed to win, then go chase your destiny!

Audition Time!

Follow the steps below to audition!

STEP 1 Be fabulously confident! That’s right, it isn’t enough to be gay, you also need to have a very pleasing personality, and you must have the right attitude because win or lose, taking the first step of going to the auditions can already be considered as a personal victory on your part! No guts, no glory bes. :0)

STEP 2 Confirm your intention to join the auditions! Visit the official Facebook page of the pageant, and send a private message with your name, and the BPO where you work for, and wait for a reply from the organizers!

STEP 3 Once you confirm your attendance to the audition, then make sure you go to the Crew Room, 7819 Makati Avenue corner Singian Street, Makati City, on April 14 or 15, at 1PM (Don’t be late!)

Queenly Preparations!

On audition day, don’t forget the following!

1. You need to arrive at the audition venue with your hair and makeup already done (Better if you can have a friend accompany you so that touch ups can be applied if needed)

2. Bring the following: a swimsuit, an evening gown, and a cocktail dress. Please do dress rehearsals before audition day.

3. Have your Certificate of Employment ready (Your HR should be able to help you with this, make sure that your tenure and position is stated in this document)

4. A letter of consent or endorsement authorizing you to join the pageant; this letter should be signed by your supervisor or manager, or a department head or HR representative of your BPO

Quote from the Official FB Page


Sa mga sasali, make sure na nakapag paalam kayo sa mga HR nyo, at make sure na susuportahan kayo ng company nyo sa kampanya nyo sa BPO Queen, yan ang number one rule, so get your company endorsement and support. Okay!?

5. A filled out BPO Queen Application Form (don’t forget to attach a headshot, and a full body photo)

6. And finally, you need to present your company ID, and a government issued ID (drivers license, passport, etc.)

If you successfully pass the auditions, then you become an official candidate of the pageant, placing you one step closer to becoming the first ever BPO Queen of the Philippines!

Mark Your Calendars!

Coronation Night for the pageant is on May 29, 6PM, at the Mall of Asia in Pasay!

Stay Tuned!

For more details, send an email to the, or get updates from the official FB and Instagram accounts of the contest @bpoqueen, or visit Twitter @thebpoqueen

Click THIS to view the video!


Photos from the official FB page of the Philippine BPO Queen Pageant