CSR Negosyo: Bulaluhan sa BPO!


Most agents who sell bulalo in a call center encounter one big problem: they keep eating their stock. Hopefully you will be the exception.

How it Works

It’s really simple: does your office pantry have a hot/cold water dispenser? If you are lucky enough to work for a BPO that gives free water to its agents, then we are in business!

Here is the premise: sell instant bulalo mami to your fellow CSR’s. Simple!

Bulalo Bulalo, Bakit Ba Ganito Kahirap?

Here are a few things to think about before you attempt to become the “Bulalo King” of your BPO!

  1. Its bulky to store. Instant bulalo comes in vacuum sealed paper bowls, and they occupy a lot of space. This means that you will need a big locker, or a personal cabinet to keep your inventory.
  2. Related to the bulky problem, it will be hard to transport from your home to office your stock. Remember, they come in paper bowls that get easily crushed and it’s hard to sell these things if mukha silang binugbog, inapi, at minaltrato.
  3. The concessionaire will beat you. Check your building canteen if they sell the same thing, if they do – then you may be putting up a business that will be hard to maintain. Agents will generally choose a canteen over a CSR entrepreneur because there are simply more food choices. But all is not lost…

Bulalo Bulalo, Bakit Ba Ganyan Kadali?

But it’s not all bad news. Here are the good things about starting up your BPO bulaluhan.

  1. It just sells itself. When people smell the aroma of a freshly prepared bulalo bowl in an enclosed office environment – what usually follows is an inquiry of “Sino yun?” and once the culprit is found: “Di ka naman nagsama… lagi ka na lang nag so-solo…”
  2. You can hook people in with very simple add-ons. By offering freebies such as sesame seed or chili oil (or chili/garlic flakes), Tabasco (Pwede din Mama Sita’s Hot Pepper Sauce), you become the preferred source of this quick snack. Also, you can sell other items that go well with soup: Sky Flakes and preserved tapa (aka Beef Jerkey).
  3. You can offer other flavors at virtually no cost. Let’s face it, hindi naman masaya kung lagging bulalo lagi, meron din naman dyan seafood, chicken, at pork flavor, para sa mga ayaw maki-baka. Para sa low budget – you can sell instant pancit canton (more on this in another post).

The Economics of Bulalo!

Wag tayo maglokohan – there is only one type of instant bulalo that you can sell that will click (you are free to experiment, but good luck): The champion of all, “Lucky Me Supreme Bulalo Mami!” Here is what you are up against:

  • A convenience store will sell at P36.00 (70g)
  • The cheapest Lucky Me Supreme Bulalo we could find was at P25.75 per bowl (grocery price – were sure the palengke can offer lower rates). You can do two things: sell a bit cheaper than convenience stores, or match their price but give a bunch of free soup enhancers (spices, sesame oil, etc).

Oh, and don’t forget to also offer the smaller, bulalo cup variants – for agents who just want a quickie. ;o)

Be Ready!

Again, the problem with selling instant bulalo is that once someone starts eating one, the scent of beefy goodness will go around the floor/pantry – and people will start asking about it. So be ready to have days where your entire stock will just get bought out by other agents, or maybe a group of friends will drop by on one chilly air conditioned night and say “Ilan meron?” pushAUX.com


Photo from kawalingpinoy.com – interested in cooking your own food? Then give this site a visit, the cook, her name is Lalaine, will guide you!