CSR Advice: From good to bad – what if you want to go back to your old call center?


Dear Ate Helen, I made a very wrong career move. Please help! I filled for resignation because I got a supposedly better offer from another call center. The problem is that, after I submitted my resignation letter to our HR, I just went on AWOL, and just started training in the new company I signed up with. On top of this, I realized that, during orientation, that I had a better salary with my old company (because of the incentives). Then during training, I discovered that my team mates are not so friendly. Most are call center hoppers so you get the feeling that these guys are not loyal to anything or to anyone. Can I go back to my old call center? -Darlene, Batangas BPO


Hi Darlene, you are in a very lousy position. There is absolutely nothing wrong with transferring to another BPO, but before anyone should do this, they should first make sure about the job offer details, especially the salary and the performance incentives.

The good thing is that you submitted a resignation letter to your HR, so technically, you can leave. The problem is that a company may ask all who resign to first render 15-30 days of work before leaving, and if this is so, you just violated company policy, which will place you in the HR blacklist.

Right now, you can do one of three things:

  1. Tough it out in the new call center where you are working, you’ll never know, maybe what you saw was just a first impression, and maybe there are some good things waiting for you over there.
  2. Look for another job in another call center, and just learn your lesson from this whole experience.
  3. Go back your old call center and ask if you can retract your resignation letter. I’m not so thrilled with this option though. If you do get accepted back, then please expect some bias against you when it comes to performance incentives and promotions. It’s just how these things go unfortunately.

Good luck Darlene, and I do hope you figure things out. –Ate H.


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