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Depending on what you want, or what you need – we are at your service!

  • Email for some honest to goodness work advice (for the love of god, if it’s anything medical, like a rash or a weird smell that won’t go away, seek a doctor instead).
  • Want to do freelance work? Do you currently work for a BPO? We need photographers, artists/cartoonists, graphics artists, writers. If you have an essay that covers the daily grind of a call center, send it over, you’ve come to the right place. Send inquiries to
  • For partnerships, advertising, and other proposals, email (just make the subject clear so things don’t get mixed with the freelance stuff).
  • If you have the time, make us your friend. No worries, we don’t bite. Twitter: @pushaux / FB page: pushAUX

We have day jobs. Replies are all guaranteed, but may sometimes be a bit late. :o)