Cebu Call Center Manager Kevin Garcia Wins First Runner-up in 2019 Mr. Fahrenheit!

Cebuano call center employee Kevin Ponce Garcia won the first runner-up prize at the 2019 Mr. Fahrenheit pageant held at the F Club in Quezon City! Mister Garcia also received the Mr. Social Media award.

This year’s winner is Clive Christian from Cavite, with Macky David Belen of Rizal Province coming in at second runner-up.

First Time!

Kevin Ponce Garcia admits that the Mr. Fahrenheit 2019 is his first national pageant, adding that there were times when he would compare himself to others and experience self-doubt

Kevin Ponce Garcia


“When I was invited to join, my biggest inhibition really was the pageant standards that I do not see myself fit to be casted as an official candidate. The initial lineup of candidates was good… I have lost so much weight in the process as the schedules at work and commitments for the pageant was tight. The entire journey was not easy as I have to fly in and fly out and juggle appointments in Cebu and Manila.”

28-year-old Kevin Ponce Garcia is a native of Cebu City, and wore a barong designed by Cris Cadungog, which was inspired by the beaches of Cebu; his Sinulog-inspired costume on the other hand was designed by Malayka Yamas.


Photo from the FB page of Mr. Gay World Philippines