Cebu Call Center Agent Arrested for Cyber Libel!

Cebu RTC Judge Ramon Daomilas Jr. of Branch 11 has ordered the Regional Anti-Cybercrime Office 7 to arrest Shielbert Michael Alerta Encabo, with suspected aliases “Shielbert Alerta Encabo”, “Micmic Encabo”, “Mikay Alerta Encabo”, and “Rachel Pollo”, last March 19 for violating Philippine Cyber Libel Law.

Ritchie Paul Manugas filed a case against Mr. Encabo for allegedly posting defamatory statements against him on Facebook. The suspect supposedly used an alias and posted last May 21, 2018 about Mr. Manugas involving a priest, a child, and a drug personality. Two days later, another defamatory statement was posted, this time involving a picture of Mr. Manugas.

The victim, along with witnesses Jennifer Loguibar and Analie Loyola, in an affidavit, claimed that “Rachel Pollo” and Shielbert Michael Alerta Encabo, are the same person.

Mr. Encabo, in a counter-affidavit, denied the allegations and insisted that he only owned one Facebook account, bearing the name Shielbert Alerta Encabo; Mr. Encabo also pointed out that he does not know of any “Rachel Pollo”. Unfortunately, the suspect failed to challenge and oppose the statements provided by Mr. Manugas, Ms. Loguibar, and Ms. Loyola during the preliminary investigation.