Call Center Work Advice: Why do CSR’s have a hard time getting credit cards, loans, and postpaid plans?

Dear Ate Helen, why are call center agents the subject of discrimination? Why can’t I apply for a loan so I can buy a motorcycle? When I apply for credit cards, I always get rejected. Why is it this way? I’ve been financially responsible all my life. I recently applied for a postpaid line with a free phone with *****, and they outright rejected me because I work as a call center agent. I don’t think this is fair. -Ryan, Quezon City BPO


Dear Ryan, I also don’t agree with this practice of banks and credit card companies when it comes to discriminating against call center agents.

The reason for this “bad practice” can be rooted to the high work force churn rate of the BPO industry (it is very common for a call center agent to job hop every few months). Most financial institutions are very hesitant to provide their services to people who have unstable work because of the high incidence of loan defaults or credit card bill abandonment (For a credit card company, it’s very hard to chase a call center agent who refuses to pay a bill, more so if this agent can only be reached through a prepaid number, or an address that leads to a rented apartment).

What I do suggest is that you explore other ways of getting financial support. Maybe your call center has a cooperative or a loan program that you can take advantage of. Have you tried applying for financial assistance from the government (SSS), or you can just go the old school way and save money on your own and then once you have enough, buy that motorcycle that you need.

It’s hard to get mad at banks and credit card companies because its their business and they have the power to set their policies when it comes to deciding who to give loans or credit cards to; You either work with them (maybe apply for a credit card with the lowest credit limit and build up a good credit background) or work around them. Good luck! –Ate H.


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