Call Center Caller Charged USD4K for Racism!

Payback time.

A Bell Canada subscriber was finned four thousand dollars by the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal for using “discriminatory language” against a call center agent back in 2016.

The customer called Bell Canada to cut his subscription, but when the agent on the end of the line gave his Muslim name, the conversation suddenly degenerated into a racist tirade.

The caller was quoted: “Take your bags, take your turban and get out of Quebec… You are all terrorists. That is guaranteed.”

Quebec Human Rights Tribunal Statement

“Discriminatory language, because of its hostility and intensity, constitutes intolerable racist conduct in a free and democratic society with such fundamental values as those underlying the Charter Of Rights… The words spoken cross the high threshold required in case law to constitute a discriminatory infringement of Mr. Jied’s right to dignity…”

The Tribunal furthered that the caller’s words “denigrate and humiliate” the affected CSR by “attacking his personal character.”