Call Center Agent Tips for Busting Eye Bags!

No matter what you do, no matter where you sleep, no matter if you live in the quietest or noisiest place in the Philippines, you will deal with eye bags. This is a fact for ALL call center agents.

But this problem is more experienced by CSR’s who work on a shifting schedule. Night shifters will learn to adjust their body clock and at one point, will need to sleep comfortably during the day – but when they get transferred to the early or mid shift, then the adjustment pains will happen and this can be visibly seen in the size of eye bags.

What to do Bayaning Puyat?

What Causes Eye Bags?

Lack of sleep. Period.

It’s also hereditary. If you’re getting enough sleep, and your eye bags are still ginormous, then take a look at your mom or dad (or your grandparents). You may have won your eye bags from the genetic lottery of your family. In this case – time to love yourself for how you look ;o)

CSR Tips for Fighting Eye Bags!

  1. When you are in a new shift, try to go home as early as you can to get some sleep. Skip the after work coffee/alcohol tambay sessions for a few days, at least up until your body clock adjusts, and to quickly achieve this, you must stick to a routine. Once you get to the point where your sleeping schedule has adjusted, then go ahead and do your extracurricular activities.
  2. Is the “Legend of the Pepino” true? Can you indeed cut up a pepino like pepperoni and apply to the eyelids to shrink eye bags? Well, according to the Internet, cooled cucumbers will only offer a quick fix, they can help tighten the skin… a very tiny bit. But really, you’re better off applying a cold compress on your eyes: get a face towel, dip in ice cold water, wring and place on your face to relax and cool down. But if you want to get serious in the fight against eye bags – get a cooling sleep mask.
  3. But to REALLY kill eye bags, do this: GET MORE SLEEP, and not just regular sleep, we mean deep sleep! Do this for a couple of days, and see your eye bags shrink. Getting more sleep is also the best thing that a CSR can do to keep healthy. It’s a win win solution, hindi ka pa pagod!

Eye Bags Matter!

If you have gigantic eye bags, your teammates, or even your TL, may get concerned. People will think your lack of sleep may impact your capacity to do quality call center work (or worse, that you are doing drugs). Also, your crush may see you and think “Ang haggard naman nya. Sayang, may potential pa naman.” So please, take good care of yourself – if you see eye bags in the mirror, then it means you’re doing something wrong.