Call Center Agent Killed by Teenager in Bulacan!

A teenager was arrested by authorities yesterday after he allegedly killed a call center agent who “tried to touch him inappropriately”.

Domingo Piañar, call center agent, was found dead inside the bathroom of an abandoned house in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Based on reports, a teenager, who was in possession of Mr. Piañar’s mobile phone at the time of the arrest, is the main suspect for the murder.

The minor claims that Mr. Piañar went to his home, and proceeded to embrace and kiss him, which prompted the teenager to fight back with a piece of wood. The main suspect claims that he did it because he had bad memories of being raped by another man.

The police will investigate if the suspect and the victim had a prior relationship, and if the murder occurred due to a fight.

The suspect is currently in the custody of San Jose Del Monte Police, and may face charges of robbery with homicide.


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