Call Center Agent Advice: Inappropriate Chat Conversations on the Floor!

Dear Ate Helen, one of the TL’s here forgot to lock his computer, and I happened to pass by his terminal, and I saw that he was chatting about me with another agent and they were talking about the other women agents on the floor in a very tasteless way. I quickly left the TL’s area because I don’t want to get caught reading his screen. this happened last December, and I am still very bothered. -Wendy, Muntinlupa BPO


Dear Wendy, some would say that you violated the privacy of your TL by looking at his computer screen. I would argue that you did not wake up that day, and go to work with the intention of snooping into the chat conversation of someone.

The best way to go forward with this is to approach your HR and simply report what you saw, and ask them if something can be done. Please say how much this upsets you. Please also ask if you violated the privacy of the TL, and if you did, then say that it was all unintentional (Though I am very sure that your HR will let things pass as you are the aggrieved party here. Being objectified in any work environment constitutes a very very big violation of both labor law, and the policies of your BPO, so much that if your HR does not make a move, then they are liable to DOLE).

Now, I am assuming that the chat application used by this TL you caught is something that is “in-house” or something that was provided by the BPO. This means that getting evidence of the dirty conversation is easy to get (all systems generate “logs” or records of everything that is done on a computer). After your HR reviews the evidence, then they are bound to act, either by terminating the employees involved, OR by issuing very strict warnings (In this is the case, please ask if your name can be removed from the official complaint so that you don’t become a target for revenge).

Lastly, please keep your courage up. Speaking up is the first step in fighting maliciousness at work. Good luck. –Ate H.


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