BPO Work Advice: From Back Office to Front-Liner!


Dear Ate Helen, seeking some advice please. I currently work as a chat support agent, for billing. I used to work in a back office role, pero ngayon, direct to customer na ang interface ko. I just want to get some tips and tricks so that I can perform well. Thank you! -Delilah, Alabang BPO


Dear Delilah, be ready to face some of the most horrible people on the planet. :0(

Billing disputes make even the most kind looking grandma, even the most professional businessman, even the most accomplished educator into a growling monster, all for one reason: the fear of losing money – and this is key in handling billing concerns! You need to re-assure the person on the other end of the chat conversation that the goal is to get to the bottom of things (your TL may most likely give you the standard spiels to use when chatting – usually cut-and-paste ang engagement, but you may have the option to add a few words here and there to make the conversation more natural).

I’d also like to stress that you are a bit lucky – an irate caller is very different from an irate chat engagement. You are more insulated from actually being shouted at (the most that the client can do is type in all caps, and use bad words, which you can easily read and just laugh at).

Lastly, please make sure that the call center that you work for provides the proper training before they put you on the production floor, and that they at least adjust your compensation package. I’ve been getting emails on this very bad practice of some BPO’s where they just get people from anywhere in the organization to “double” as an agent.

Good luck! –Ate H.


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