BPO Work Advice: Fighting Discrimination Against Call Center Agents!


Dear Ate Helen, I think my friends and I were insulted the other day. While waiting for our orders in a restaurant, we heard some laughing from the other table, and the words “Kolsener agent” or something to this effect. I really can’t believe that some people still look down on our profession. It’s just so disappointing. My CSR friends, we were not even noisy, we were even talking in Tagalog (our shift had ended, and we were just eating together before everyone goes home). I’m just so disappointed and hurt. -Christine, Quezon City BPO


Dear Christine, I share your grief on this one. I have a lot of friends who are now in very high positions who were once call center agents, and they all have, to some degree, been the victims of discrimination, myself included.

What can we do? On the one side, there are a few agents or BPO employees that do not carry themselves well in public. Stories of CSR’s littering on the sidewalk, or of CSR’s speaking loudly in English and being generally annoying, or stories of how some agents spend so much money to get the most recent phones, to dress well in branded clothes, and yet are assholes to everyone else. These negative things are commonly highlighted in the media, and in social media, even though a vast majority of us are just trying to get by as breadwinners, as sisters and brothers who are trying to send their siblings to school. Look at you guys, you just wanted to have a simple meal before going home to rest so that everyone can be ready for work when the next shift comes. Essentially, wala naman kayong masamang ginagawa. :o(

I guess it’s just how things are. I do suggest that you take things in stride, the more you can ignore these people who like judging other people, the happier you will be. Good luck, and keep your chin up! –Ate H.


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