BPO News: IBPAP revenue growth in 2018 possible but will not reach road map target!


[pushAUX.com] THE Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) has shared that initial reports show revenue growth in 2018, but that such may fall short of the targets set in its industry road map.

According to IBPAP, official revenue figures are yet to be fully accounted for, but it estimates the figure to be between USD24.5 to USD24.8 billion for 2018; this translates to a 4.7 to 5.98% growth rate versus 2017.

Rey E. Untal, IBPAP President-CEO


“I think there was a prevailing discussion around the overall uncertainty, really and what we have said in the past, it’s less about what eventually the fiscal regime will be. It’s more about how are we managing the predictability of fiscal forecasts.”

IBPAP has set a USD40B revenue target by 2022 which can be attained if a 9% annual revenue growth rate is attained.

Rey E. Untal, IBPAP


“We will not hit (the target). I’m certain. I will be happy if we hit the six percent.”

IBPAP has already declared that it will most likely lower the targets under the road map given the current BPO landscape of the Philippines.

Rey E. Untal, IBPAP


“The 2022 roadmap was created to determine what was the maximum trajectory that the industry could have, in terms of growth and what is needed… unfortunately nga lang nung 2016 the horizon on tax reform being so contentious was not factored in. And also the initially viewed protectionist stance in the US, wala pa ’yun eh. So when we do this re-calibration, the premise will be what is the maximum growth we can achieve given how globally this industry is growing.”

IBPAP stressed that Philippine BPO performance should outpace global growth, which is pegged by the Everest Group at 4-5%.

Rey E. Untal, IBPAP


“If we are lower than the world is growing, then the other countries will overtake us.”

IBPAP is targeting to finish the revised road map within the next two to three months, and present it at the annual IT-BPO summit this November.