BPO Advice: TL Considering to Transfer to QA to Make Things Better!


Dear Ate Helen, I think something fishy is happening in the call center where I work. Our front liners are not good, but our QA is reporting to the OM and the account GM that everything is fine. I’m a TL by the way, I came from a very well respected CC, and I know what a good call center agent looks like, the ones we have here, save for a few, are really bad, grammar and AHT pa lang talo na. I’d like to inquire with our QA team on why things are like this, I’m even considering transferring to the QA team so I can change things. -Trisha, Cebu BPO


Dear Trisha, please approach this problem with great care. You might become a victim of a backlash. ;0)

  1. You came from a big, well respected call center. It may be that the standards from where you used to work for is different from where you currently are.
  2. What you’ve observed, the practice of the QA team and how they measure things, might be the norm. I know it’s sad, but different accounts and call centers have different ways of seeing things. For all we know, your accounts/clients are happy with how things are.

But I also believe that making things better should be the supreme goal of all BPO employees. Yes, I highly advise that you transfer to QA, I feel that you can do a lot of good in this position, though please be aware that people tend to not like change, so you will have to go about this in a slow and calculated way. Take baby steps, change things slowly, and get allies. Good luck! –Ate H.


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