Artificial Intelligence Casualty Rate – 800,000 BPO Workers Redundated in 5 Years!

[] The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) sees some very dark times ahead: automation, the accelerated adoption of artificial intelligence by business process outsourcing (BPO) corporations may lead to the loss of as much as 800 thousand jobs in the next five years.

Professor Christopher P. Monterola of AIM cites the simple fact that AI systems can handle voice transactions more efficiently than a customer service representative (CSR); according to the good professor, the employment rate of BPO’s have been in a steady decline which is in direct contradiction of the 20% year on year projected industry growth rate.

Professor Monterola directed BPO workers to learn other skills, to shift to other competencies.

The Goal is to Survive!

Professor Monterola, quoting a survey, said that as much as 49% of the country’s labor force must be reskilled/upskilled to be able to survive the adoption of artificial intelligence by corporations.

Professor Monterola pointed out that more than a million workers are employed by BPO’s.

AIM for its part, has taken a position that the inclusion of artificial intelligence related modules in the K-12 curriculum is key to help future-proof the Philippine labor force.