Agent Work Advice: CSR’s Manipulating Stats!

Dear Ate Helen, I can’t believe how the agents at my new account manipulate their stats! And I don’t understand how our QA is unable to catch them, and what’s worse, these cheaters are being considered for promotion as TL and coaches. How can I report this to the upper management? -Fenton, Makati BPO


Dear Fenton, I don’t understand why your contact center has such poor controls that its workers are able to manipulate their stats. I mean I have seen these things happen before in all the BPO’s I’ve worked for, but usually, the QA guys are able to detect and patch-up loopholes in the system before any of the agents can take advantage of things in the long term. Oh well. Here’s what you may do:

STEP 1, You may need to discover how the manipulation is done, maybe you can secretly ask the other agents who are cheating, or you can figure things out on your own. If you are unable to do this, then move to the next step.

STEP 2, Once you know how the system is being cheated, report the problem to your QA team, but please do so to someone who is a senior (Don’t just approach anyone). And when you do talk, please ask that your name be kept anonymous because If word gets out that you exposed the cheating, you may get some backlash.

If nothing happens after you report things, then I highly suggest you apply to another call center, and once you get accepted, resign where you currently work for. Never ever ever stay in a corporation that is not run professionally. Good luck! -Ate H.


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