Advice: What is Better? Termination or Resignation?

Dear Ate Helen, I got caught violating some rules in our call center. After a hearing, they decided to terminate me, but my TL is negotiating if I can just be allowed to “resign”. Is it better if I just file for resignation? -Girlie, Makati BPO


Dear Girlie, first of all, get a very clear reason from your HR as to why you will get fired. Ask about your supposed offense, and where it is stated in your employee handbook that such an offense warrants termination. If you see no proof, or if you feel that you have a case, then consult with some close friends, if you can – try to check with a lawyer. There are a lot of illegal terminations going on in BPO’s, and you may need to elevate things with DOLE if needed.

But, if you feel that it’s absolutely your fault (for example, going on AWOL for a week), then please ask that you be allowed to resign instead. This looks better on your resume, and on your records with the current contact center that you work for.

This being said, and again, if it’s really your fault, then I do hope you change your ways. Being in a situation where you need to decide on whether you’d rather resign than get fired speaks a lot on how you carry yourself at work. Sure, it looks like it does not matter now, but in ten years, when all your friends have grown professionally, and your still an agent, well, you get the picture. :0(

Good luck, and I do hope you bounce back from this experience and get another job. –Ate H.


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