Advice: The Foul Mouthed TL!

Dear Ate Helen, one of the TL’s in our account has the habit of shouting at agents when they do something wrong. Mahilig din sya mag mura (sa harap pa ng ibang tao), as in rinig na rinig ang sigaw at mura nya sa floor namin. – Malou/ Baguio BPO

– – –

Malou, in my honest opinion, the occasional curse word in the work place is forgivable. There will be times when frustration and annoyance will get the best of you. A quick outburst happens, some get startled, and then it’s over. I draw the line when the curse word is said towards a co-worker or when it is screamed too often as if it’s the first language of the person. All companies highlight professionalism as part of their values. There is no way in hell that management will approve or condone such attitude. Managers who use profanity affect team morale; this fosters a hostile work environment. He or she obviously needs a heavy brush up on management skills. No matter what happens at work, be it someone’s blatant mistake or a system crashing, there’s always a civil way to handle things.

First thing you can do is to speak up. This is probably the hardest tip, and most people don’t have the courage to do it. What’s harder though is going to your shift with the fear that this TL will ruin your day – and before you know it, this will affect your happiness, productivity and more importantly, your peace of mind. Do not, and I repeat, do not speak to your manager while he is at the peak of his anger. I promise you, this will make things worse. Talk to him when he’s calm and in a happy mood again. Don’t just say you don’t like his behavior – back this up with the effects on the team’s morale and productivity. Always talk about the bigger picture. Focus on the business and not on personal feelings.

Fast-forward to two weeks after, things are back to the way they were. If your talk didn’t have a lasting effect, document your experiences and review your company’s discipline policies. You may even approach your Human Resources team and seek advice or directly report his foul mouth. You tried to improve the situation on your own and since it didn’t work, it’s time to escalate things. It would be good to be ready with your documentation in case HR asks for it. –Ate H.


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