Advice: The Fearfull Agent and His Pregnant TL!

Dear Ate Helen, our TL is nine months pregnant, and she will give birth any time soon. I do not know why, but I’m getting stressed for her. What if the baby wants to be born already and we are at the floor taking calls. Every time I’m in my terminal, I can’t help but look at her very big belly. Should we ask her to take a leave already? -Charles, Pasig BPO


Dear Charles, you are so sweet. But please don’t worry too much, your TL knows what she is doing.

Doctors actually prefer that women who have a pregnancy with no complications be on their feet as close to their delivery date as possible (if you go to the maternity ward of a hospital, you may even find some pregnant ladies walking around). Being active supposedly makes it easier to give birth.

My teammate in HR actually worked till a day before her delivery date, and on schedule, she gave birth to a baby girl the next day.

Now, the best thing you and the other agents can do is visit your TL at the hospital when she finally gives birth. Maybe bring with you a gift. I’ve noticed that the best gift ever are newborn disposable diapers, or maybe you guys can give some fruits, or maybe some baby clothes. –Ate H.


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