Advice: The Challenges of Being the Number One Chat Agent!

Dear Ate Helen, I’ve been working as a chat support rep, and for the last few months, I’ve been getting awards which are very exciting for me because I’m not really a very sociable person. Every day, I pass by the floor announcement board and my picture is there and I feel so proud of myself. My problem is that my TL asked me if I want to transfer to voice (and she even offered me a raise, and said that I will be given training). I told her that I will think about it first. What should I do? – Nick, Pasig BPO


Dear Nick, you really don’t have a choice. Just joking. But because you have surpassed chat support and your TL and his/her boss think that you can graduate to voice, because of your character, well, because you deserve it – you are being offered a role that is more suitable to your potential. :o)

You are also very free to just tell your TL that you’d like to spend a couple of months more in chat support. If you are happy where you are, then that also counts. But wouldn’t it be awesome to see your picture in the halls: “Best Voice Agent.” Maybe this is a new challenge you need to take in order to grow professionally.

Good luck and don’t worry about what other people will think – you can choose anywhere to go, so long as you consider what you want. –Ate H.


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