Advice: That Time the Mother of a Call Center Agent Called HR!

Dear Ate Helen, I’m from HR too, and I just want to share something funny that happened to me last month. We terminated a TL because of AWOL issues, then a few days later, his mother calls me up, asking if we can reconsider the termination. I couldn’t believe my ears! The TL asked his mom to ask me not to fire him. I’ve been in HR for more than ten years already, and this would be a first. Anyway, I’d also like to commend you for your work in this website, your advice to your readers is very insightful and well delivered. More power. -Gelo, Bulacan BPO


Hello Gelo, thank you for the kind words. And yes, working in HR can sometimes be a roller coaster ride. Here are some of the cases that I have seen:

  • One time we needed to let go of an agent who dropped some marijuana in the office lobby – he initially denied things, but the CCTV showed another story.
  • Then there was a time when the wife of a manager stormed the call center looking for two (yes two) agents who were allegedly having an affair with her husband. We had to involve the police because an innocent bystander got hurt, and the two concerned agents were clueless of each other, and the married status of the supposed love of their life. It was a wild night.
  • But nothing beats the time when someone accidentally played porn on a screen that the entire production floor could see. And mind you, the video ran for more than fifteen minutes. Thank god there was no audio. I think no one called it out because of shock, or maybe the agents were laughing inside because really, you’d expect that someone would cut the video after a few minutes. When we investigated things, apparently, someone had renamed a porn video to a popular romantic comedy movie, which the manager of the floor just randomly played.

Oh well. I’m sure a lot of HR professionals out here have their own share of funny stories. In any case, I hope the mom that called you was nice :0) –Ate H.


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