Advice: Rejected VL’s, Even for Tenured Agents!

Dear Ate Helen, it is so hard to get leave approval in our call center. I’m a tenured agent here, and our account head wants everyone to use up all their leaves for the year but every time I apply, most of the time my request is rejected. I want to go on vacation for a few days, but I can’t get approval. -Abby, Caloocan BPO


Hello Abby, I have some good news and some bad news, and some really bad news for you.

The good news is that you might be one of the best veteran agents on the floor of your contact center, which means your skills are highly valued, and needed for the day to day operations.

The bad news is that your leaves get rejected because you are a key player in ensuring that the call queue is managed efficiently.

But here’s the really bad news.

A good call center should never turn down a request for a vacation leave for a few days if the application comes in early enough (for example, you file for leave on November 15, for a vacation on December 01 to 05). Your Workforce Group should be able to adjust the manpower of your account based on the scheduled VL’s of its agents.

Abby, it may be that your call center is purposely understaffed to save on overhead costs. :0(

Try applying for a VL with a wide allowance, and if it still gets rejected, then ask for a reason why, and if the justification is weak, then I advise you to transfer to another BPO that is better at managing VL’s. Good luck! –Ate H.


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