Advice: OM Sigawan Blues

Dear Ate Helen, I’m very confused with what to do. I belong to a very good team. Our TL is strict but she’s also very friendly to everyone, it’s a good balance. The problem of the team is our OM. When mistakes happen our OM will sometimes shout and ask everyone to resign if we think we can’t do the job right (we work for a credit card client which is why we need to be careful with our tasks). Last month, our OM scolded us twice, again by shouting and asking everyone to resign. It’s affecting my work already. I don’t want to complain to HR because I don’t want any confrontation. -Olivia, Alabang BPO


Dear Olivia, unfortunately, there are a lot of bad apples in the BPO industry; a lot of unprofessionalism that goes unchecked because some BPO’s would rather keep monsters than risk losing someone and having to hire another person as a replacement (this actually costs more for a company, and it is sometimes harder to find good people to fill up mid management roles).

Here is what I suggest, given that you want to handle this quietly (I know the feeling – I don’t like confrontations as well):

  1. Try to find fellow agents in your team who feel the same way. Ask people how they feel after your OM goes on one if his/her shouting sessions with the team. Do your team mates also feel demotivated to work?
  2. Once you find people who feel the same way as you, ask if they are willing to raise this with your TL – you said you’re your TL is friendly, which I translate as approachable.
  3. Lay down your thoughts with your TL. She should then escalate your concerns to HR, or the management. It may be that your OM gets away with things because no one just has the guts to complain.

Now, if your TL refuses to help, then you may need to approach HR direct. If you feel that this is not a possible plan (for example – your OM is close with the management or with HR), then with a heavy heart, I’d rather advise you to find work elsewhere. I believe that working for a BPO that allows unprofessionalism to go unchecked or unpunished is not a good environment to be in. Good luck! –Ate H.


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