Advice: Negotiating for Higher Pay?

Dear Ate Helen, I’ve already worked for five call centers, last year, I was already working as a QA for voice. This year, I applied to a call center along Ayala Avenue – dream job ko sila. I think they will offer me a JO already, the problem is that the salary they are offering is smaller than what I’m currently earning (sa benefits, mostly the same). Can I negotiate for a higher pay or will this turn them off? -Vicky/Alabang-Muntinlupa BPO


Vicky, interviews, job offers, and hiring are all a matter of negotiation on your end and on the employers’ end – its two way! Usually, applicants feel they have to run after their dream company and be at their mercy when it comes to the job offer, but do take note that, employers feel the need to appease prospective hires as well, and secure a resounding “yes” from their best applicants. If they see that you have what it takes and you are their star find, they will offer you a job along with your requests.

This dance between employer and applicant is a dance for two. It’s a negotiation. If you feel that you have the skills and competencies to back up your request for a higher pay, by all means, go ahead. Be concrete and state your capabilities and what you can offer to the company. Are you asking for a raise since you will relocate to be with this new employer? Mention this as well. If they say yes, then your dream job is no longer just a dream. You can pat yourself at the back for speaking up. If they say no, it’s not the end of the world: you can also negotiate for earlier regularization, or an earlier increase. These seem like good enough deals if you don’t get the salary you wanted. Minor details like these are all on the table unless you have signed a contract. Remember that employers will only be turned off by you if you sound greedy and are asking way more than what you’re worth. –Ate H.


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