Advice: Negative Staffing vs. VL Overrides

Dear Ate Helen, twice ako nakaranas ng VL override in one month, and in both times, may one week notice ako sa VL application ko. Ang reason ng operations manager namin (sa kanya na ako nag escalate, hindi sa TL ko), bigla daw kame nagging negative staffing doon sa araw na VL ko kaya I was forced to come to work. What can I do? – Monina/ Muntinlupa BPO

Monina, coming from HR, we see both sides of the picture and try our best to find solutions for both your manager and you as the employee. Since you mentioned the one week VL notice, I am assuming this is your VL policy. This is actually very reasonable already since most centers I know require approval requests at least 1 month before the intended VL date.

Before you are allowed to go on VL, managers have to check various things to ensure operations will not be affected by your absence. Will the team have sufficient manpower? What will the expected tasks be? Is that day a special holiday elsewhere? Do you have a pending project due within that week? Once these are cleared, your request is approved. Almost always, if you are asked to report for work despite an initial approval, this would mean your managers are desperate. They do know you’re on VL and want to respect this. But emergency situations sometimes force them to ask you to report to work. Now it’s up to you if you are ok with this. As a team player, this would be great and trust me, they know you are coming out of support for the team and the goodness of your heart. In the event that you really cannot come, please be transparent with your managers immediately and explain why. It could be you have a scheduled flight on this day or it’s your child’s graduation day.

I’ve experienced managers asking me if they can issue Disciplinary Action for AWOL. I declined and said this would be done in bad faith since the leave was already approved. Am I saying managers have no choice? Not really. In these situations, team work and sacrifice is crucial. I’ve seen them award employees who do these little acts of support with bonuses and extra gift certificates. Do what you can for your company. It will be very much appreciated. –Ate H.


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