Advice: Life in Call Center Hell!

Dear Ate Helen, I can’t believe how toxic my fellow agents are. I’ve worked in two call centers already, and this third one is just populated by the most useless pieces of shit I have had the pleasure of working with. All the agents here are lazy, they will only perform their best if they know that they are being monitored, otherwise, they do a lot of monkey business like call avoidance. The call center always credits our salary as early as a day before, but one time, the salary came exactly on the day when it should be credited, and everyone complained why we didn’t get the money a day early. And when the salary is credited, everyone spends their money immediately. Then there’s the never ending back stabbing. Some of the tenured agents here even go on un-planned leaves and its okay because they are chummy with the TL’s and OM’s. It’s crazy. This place is c-r-a-z-y. -Carmella, Bacolod BPO


Dear Carmella, looks like you need to leave that place ASAP. For one, going to work and dealing with that kind of work culture will soon wear you down, or worse, you adopt the nasty habits of your fellow agents and you become one of them. :0(

Now I’ve noticed that you are from Bacolod – the good thing is that there are a bunch of new call centers that opened up over there so you will have options, or if you are feeling adventurous, maybe you can work in Manila.

Lastly, if you find a call center that you feel at home with, please try to stay on the long term. Stop job hopping. Remember, every time you transfer, you spin the “roleta ng swerte at kamalasan”, and trust me, you may wind up in bad call centers before you find another good one. Good luck. –Ate H.


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