Advice: Handling a Call Center Bond!

Dear Ate Helen, I got hired as an agent, but before I can start my training, I was informed that my medical exam results showed that I have a lump in my left breast. I was advised to check with a specialist. I did, and the doctor advised me to get a biopsy, and surgery if needed. Because of this, I cannot attend the training sessions, and I’m scared that they might force me to pay the bond and I don’t think this is fair because I want to attend the training, it’s just that I need to make sure that I am well first. -Vanessa, Bacolod BPO


Dear Vanessa, you need to stop worrying. A call center bond is based in a set of rules, and I am very sure that there are exceptions that you just need to inquire about with your H.R. partner.

Think about it. What if a call center agent gets into an accident and is now unable to do CSR work, would it be fair for a BPO to penalize him or her? In your case, you are very willing to go to work, but you need to address a medical problem first, which will allow you to be fit for your training.

Talk to your H.R. department, and if they say that you still need to attend training, then ask for a copy of the bond contract that you signed, and document their position that you still need to go to work despite needing surgery, then bring all these documents to DOLE. Based on the info you gave in your email – it looks like you are very justified in your position to get medical help first. Good luck. –Ate H.


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