Advice: CSR Nadamay sa Dismissal!

Dear Ate Helen, I work for a big call center in Makati. Medyo sensitive yung account namin kasi finance related (no phone or USB’s on the floor). There was an incident of fraud last June, and admittedly, may tatlong agents involved (based on chismis). Problem is that maski yung mga agents na innocent, nadamay sa dismissal. I’m not included in this problem, pero I have one friend who got implicated. What can she do? – James/ Makati BPO


James, she needs to speak up immediately. If she feels she had no shred of involvement or was not complicit in any wrong doing, she should not sign any termination documents. Human Resources follows strict procedures in cases like this. They will gather evidences first, issue Written Notices or Incident Reports to investigate the alleged offenses and oversee administrative hearings. These are all means to filter those who are guilty and those who aren’t.

If your friend fell through the cracks and was, for some reason, terminated as well, I hope she did not bend to pressure and sign documents. If she did and is already terminated, then this is a different story. She can always schedule a meeting with Human Resources again and appeal the matter. But I cannot assure how HR will answer since documents have been signed and the case has been technically “closed.” To pursue the matter more, she should gather any and all the evidence she has to prove her innocence. These should have actually been raised within the investigation period already.

If your friend would like to pursue her case, she needs to file a labor case thru DOLE-NLRC for illegal termination. With all her evidence in hand, the case will be recorded and a summons will be sent to the employer. This is the proper place and setting where discussions on the fraud incident can start again. –Ate H.


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