Advice: Can I Hide My Past AWOL When I Apply With a New Call Center?

Dear Ate Helen, please don’t get mad, but I need your advice. in the last call center I worked for, I AWOL’d because of stress and burn out, plus the other agents seem to not like me because I always keep to myself (I’m not a very social person). My question is this, if I get another call center job, will I get in trouble if I don’t mention the last BPO I worked for in my resume (I only stayed there for a year). –Iggy/used to work for a Muntinlupa BPO

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Iggy, I believe one of the major factors in employee retention is ones “fit” to the culture and environment. In all honesty, you are not the only one who has gone on AWOL for stress, burn out, or feeling out of place. In these situations, especially when you’re on the edge already, the easiest way is to go on AWOL. And with so many other employer options in your fingertips, why not right? This is precisely why call center agents are notoriously known for sudden disappearing acts, though this is not the right way.

To set the record straight, going on AWOL will never do anyone any good. Firstly, you cannot simply remove one year of tenure in your resume. You will most likely come up with an imagined story line to cover this up. But, once you get employed, your new employer will definitely see your past employment history when you update your BIR RDO, and through your past SSS filing. Your tax payments and social security contributions won’t disappear. Second, you will also lack the clearance forms your next employer will require. Remember, each of the puzzle pieces in your employment history will contribute to whether or not you will have a successful career. Make the right decisions at each point and plan out your path. Be honest with your new employer on what happened and why you decided to move on from your previous employer. It is always better that they find out from you. -Ate H.


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